Federal election campaign analysis

As Canada heads into a federal election on Sept. 20, 2021, DFO’s Communications and Government Relations teams are committed to keeping you informed during this time.
The Conservatives and NDP have pledged to support supply management. The Liberals have not released a party platform yet. However, DFO will provide communications on all party platforms and what they might mean for the dairy industry once the Liberal platform is released.
National numbers show a continued Liberal-Conservative horse race, now a statistical tie. The regional breakdown within these numbers is also showing a decline in the Liberal lead in Ontario. There are major caveats to all of this:

  • It’s not clear if these polls are over or under-sampling certain regions, such as the Greater Toronto Area or southwestern Ontario;
  • With more than two-thirds of the campaign still to go, a lot can change between now and Sept. 20, 2021;
  • A Liberal-Conservative tight race might cause some NDP and Green voters to reconsider their preference in context of the front runners, potentially making a difference in the outcome among some toss-up local races.

These developments add considerable importance to two upcoming events which are the leader’s debates in early September and the unreleased Liberal platform.
Be sure to check your email as DFO will continue to provide regular updates on the election and our strategy. Click here for Dairy Farmers of Canada’s leave-behind. We encourage you to reference it in meetings with candidates.
If you set up meetings with your local candidates, we would like to hear about who you’re meeting with and how the meeting went. Please feel free to reach out directly to constantin.urtilescu@milk.org with any questions and comments or if you require assistance with setting up a meeting.

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