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What is the Milk Act?

The Milk Act of 1965 called for the creation of a body that would buy all the milk produced on Ontario farms and sell it to dairy processors.

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From feeding the cows to maintaining farm machinery, a farmer’s day is centred on making sure all milk is safe and wholesome.

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You can support Canadian dairy by buying Canadian dairy products at the grocery store. The Canadian dairy system is designed to minimize waste and help support some of the highest milk quality standards in the world. When you buy Canadian dairy, you know you’re getting milk made by real farm families who are dedicated to producing milk of the highest quality.

The Canadian dairy industry is the backbone of Canada’s rural economy, employing more than 220,000 Canadians. Canadian dairy is safe and nutritious, and Canadian dairy farmers take pride in producing high-quality 100 per cent Canadian milk, providing top-notch animal care, and committing to environmental sustainability.

Look for one of two 100 per cent Canadian milk logos on the packaging of dairy products. Please note, not all 100 per cent Canadian dairy products have these logos on their packaging. If you’re unsure, you can contact processors directly to ask about their products. Packaging on Canadian dairy products usually includes the processor name and location.

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