Armstrong Manor Farm
Caledon, Ontario



Seven generations of dairy farming. One common goal.

For the past 200 years, the Armstrong family has been committed to producing high-quality dairy in Caledon, Ontario. In 1895, Abram Armstrong built the family farmhouse, which the family still currently resides in. One thing that has remained important to the family is keeping the farm in the family. The Armstrongs have a process set in place where the next generation buys into the dairy farming operation as partners. When in their early 20s, brothers Robert, Philip and Peter became partners on the Armstrong Manor Farm, where they continue to keep the family traditions alive to this day.

Another important value to the Armstrongs is their commitment to their community. Abram’s grandson, David was a founding director of a local charity in Caledon in 1976 called S.H.A.R.E, which sends help to agriculturally-based communities in developing countries. A strong tie to community continues with Deborah who joined Women Supporting Women in Brampton in 2013, and is now the Chair, while Deborah’s daughter Tiegan is now a director of S.H.A.R.E.

Technology also plays a big role in the farm’s success. The Armstrongs have always been willing to adapt to change and look toward the future of farming. To them, it’s important to always look for ways to improve and do things a little bit differently. They don’t take major risks, but they’re always trying to do things better and learn from the past.

While on the Armstrong Farm, you’ll also find both family and new Canadians. Naraine Persaud moved to Brampton, which is near Caledon, in 2002, and soon after started working on the farm. He worked in the livestock industry in Guyana for more than 20 years and brought his passion for agriculture to Caledon. While they all come from different cultures and backgrounds, they share one singular focus to come into work each day ready to do dairy right.

“When you come to work doing what you enjoy doing it doesn’t feel like work.”

- Naraine Persaud

Passing down traditions to new generations

Where they were

The Armstrongs have been dairy farming in Caledon for 200 years. They started seven generations ago and have stayed in the same house (with many renovations).

Where they are now

The Armstrong family are still proud farmers today. They are committed to their craft and deeply involved in charities and initiatives in their community.

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