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Dairy Farmers of Ontario takes pride in supporting the 3,500 family-run farms all across the province.

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Animal care

Keeping the herd healthy and happy is one of our farmers’ most important responsibilities – and they're committed to providing their cows with excellent care.

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We’re always working to reduce our waste to help protect the environment and keep farmland viable for future generations.

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Regulatory procedures

Dairy farmers work with government organizations and industry partners to help maintain Ontario’s high milk standards.

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Managing supply

Milk supply is managed so that high-quality milk is always being produced for consumers.

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proAction is Canadian dairy farmers’ quality and sustainability program. It is made up of the following modules:

  • Milk Quality
  • Food Safety
  • Animal Care
  • Livestock Traceability
  • Biosecurity
  • Environmental Sustainability

Initiated by Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) and supported by all provincial boards, proAction is an objective and accurate platform for dairy farmers to tell their story, one of dedication and commitment to quality, animal well-being, care for the environment and a sustainability journey that shows great leadership.

Canada’s dairy farmers are recognized as world leaders in producing quality milk. The purpose of proAction is to maintain both processor and consumer confidence in the quality and sustainability of the Canadian milk that goes into the dairy products they enjoy. Through proAction, farmers do their part in ensuring a supply of safe, high-quality Canadian dairy products that consumers, processors and retailers can be confident about and proud of.

proAction requirements are developed by industry experts, such as veterinarians and researchers. 

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