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The smoothie that starts your day off right. The ice cream that always picks you up when you’re down. Whether you’re fueling up for the day or treating yourself afterwards, MilkUP is all about milking every moment.

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Dairy Done Right

Part of being a dairy farmer isn’t just making great milk, it’s taking pride in what you do... and passing it along so the next generation can produce great milk, too.

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What Can’t Milk Do?

Milk can do so much that it makes you wonder, what can’t milk do? Whether you’re making a cake, firing up some creme brûlée, throwing together a bowl of cereal, or enjoying a milkshake, when it’s made with milk it comes with unparalleled great taste.

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This holiday season, we want to show support to the kids who spend the holidays in the children’s hospitals across Ontario. Send them a message of love and support using #FillUpWithLove or contribute a donation to a hospital of your choice.

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