DFO invests nearly $540,000 to antimicrobial stewardship research

October 15, 2021

Dairy Farmers of Ontario is pleased to announce an investment of nearly $540,000 in research at the University of Guelph into antimicrobial medicines which are used to treat, control and prevent animal and human disease and improve production and growth. 

The project also received more than $3 million from the Ontario Research Fund. Dairy Farmers of Ontario is proud to support Dr. David Kelton in his research into antimicrobial stewardship solutions in the Ontario dairy sector.

Antimicrobial stewardship promotes the prudent use of antimicrobials, such as antibiotics, to limit an increase in resistant organisms and is becoming an integral part of food systems around the globe.

“We are proud to partner with the University of Guelph, including Dr. David Kelton and his research team, as we work together toward finding sustainable, science-based solutions to reduce the use of antimicrobials without compromising animal health and welfare,” says Cheryl Smith, Dairy Farmers of Ontario CEO. “We provide leadership and excellence in the production and marketing of Canadian milk. We value consumer trust in our industry and farm practices and work hard to meet their expectations every day.”

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