Krul Holsteins Ltd. 
Arthur, Ontario



A passion for the land, the cows and the craft, passed down for generations.

The Krul’s humble beginnings start in the early 1960s, when Gerry and Mina Krul immigrated from Holland. With twelve Holsteins to their name, the dream of an Ontario dairy farm began. As their farm grew, so did their family. It didn’t take long before son John started working alongside Gerry. Then John and Diana’s son Jeff took up the mantle in 2002. Jeff works the farm with his wife Elissa, and as tradition follows, their son Dylan and their younger children Adam and Hailey will be 4th generation dairy farmers continuing the legacy the Krul’s started years ago.
What really ties the farm together is family. They maintain that traditions are best handed down alongside each other and that many hands make light work. The beauty of the family dynamic is that each member of the family brings something unique to the farm. New ideas, new ways of doing things, it’s all welcome at the family table.
Not only are they a tight family, they are tight with their community. They do their part at the local fair, the kids are involved in local sports, and members of 4-H. They are proud of what they offer and are interested in teaching others. Hosting farm tours, and inviting a public school over for Agriculture Day, it’s all a part of being a part of the community they nourish.

“It gives a sense of pride to produce quality milk, and yet humbling at the same time, to be able to produce dairy products for our neighbours and community.”

- Elissa Krul
The Krul family standing together, smiling looking at each other in front of their white barn

Passing down traditions to new generations

An old photo from the 60's of two men standing together in front of a green tractor and red barn

Where they were

Here is Gerry, with son John in the early days of running the dairy farm. Gerry and Mina Krul started by hand-milking 12 Holsteins in 1963 on their farmland in Arthur, Ontario.

A family with 8 members and four generations standing together smiling in front of a white barn.

Where they are now

The roles have been passed down as well as some of the traditions. When it comes to how they do things, the basics have stayed the same but the methods changed. 

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